Task ONE :O

~Assignment One~

♥ I’ll just do this in number form and hope for the best -_-

1) My personal definitions of creativity, innovation and risk:

Creativity- is… using your imagination to create things not neccessarily new or unknown, the expression of ideas into reality.

Innovation- is… using your creativity and imagination to make things that ARE new.
E.g. Whoever first made the wheel would have been thought of as very innovative and possibly shocking.

Risk- is… pushing your work to different places and not knowing whether it will be for better or worse. Comparing both sides of a situation and then having a go even though there is a chance you might completely fail beyond all belief.

2) What I hope to achieve in creativity and innovation:

A high distinction ^-^ 

…I’d like to learn some new ways to do things creatively. Be able to express myself better, &c.
Maybe learn things that I could eventually apply in my life personally as well as professionally.

And have lots of fun along the way.

3) My main area of interest:

I really don’t know what my main area of interest is.
If I had to make up something on the spot I would probably say “Creative stuff… ?” but if you gave me a whole minute to answer I’d say “Fun.” because I just want to do Fun stuff and enjoy myself by exploring new options, ideas and attempting to meet new people.

I don’t actually have any future directions’ not that I know of anyway.
So yes, Fun is my interest.

I am interested in Fun.

4) Links to 3 other blogs that are relevant to my personal interests, art/design practice or future directions..:

_A Note from the Editor:_
Firstly, I’d like to remark on the fact that I don’t follow blogs (unless you count facebook, which nobody ever does) nor do I ever write blogs (unless you count facebook, which nobody ever does) so I Googled “interesting and fun blogs regarding creative things” and picked a few good’ns from the swarm.
I have no idea if any of these actually count as blogs all I know is that they constitute as links to sites and that’s about as far as my knowledge extends.

Personal Interests:

(I didn’t use Google for this one.
It’s just one of my favourite sites
so I thought I’d include it)

Art/Design Practice:

(In a word: AWESOME.)

Future Directions:

(I chose this one because,
I might need to get a job.
And that counts as a
future direction, right?!)


Respect Carrots.
*For those out of the know, Google: www.google.com
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