Task ONE :O

~Assignment One~

♥ I’ll just do this in number form and hope for the best -_-

1) My personal definitions of creativity, innovation and risk:

Creativity is… using your imagination to create things not neccessarily new or unknown, the expression of ideas into reality.

Innovation is… using your creativity and imagination to make things that ARE new.
E.g. Whoever first made the wheel would have been thought of as very innovative and possibly shocking.

Risk is… pushing your work to different places and not knowing whether it will be for better or worse. Comparing both sides of a situation and then having a go even though there is a chance you might completely fail beyond all belief.

2) What I hope to achieve in creativity and innovation:

A high distinction ^-^ 

…I’d like to learn some new ways to do things creatively. Be able to express myself better, &c.
Maybe learn things that I could eventually apply in my life personally as well as professionally.

And have lots of fun along the way.

3) My main area of interest:

I really don’t know what my main area of interest is.
If I had to make up something on the spot I would probably say “Creative stuff… ?” but if you gave me a whole minute to answer I’d say “Fun.” because I just want to do Fun stuff and enjoy myself by exploring new options, ideas and attempting to meet new people.

I don’t actually have any future directions’ not that I know of anyway.
So yes, Fun is my interest.

I am interested in Fun.

4) Links to 3 other blogs that are relevant to my personal interests, art/design practice or future directions..:

_A Note from the Editor:_
Firstly, I’d like to remark on the fact that I don’t follow blogs (unless you count facebook, which nobody ever does) nor do I ever write blogs (unless you count facebook, which nobody ever does) so I Googled “interesting and fun blogs regarding creative things” and picked a few good’ns from the swarm.
I have no idea if any of these actually count as blogs all I know is that they constitute as links to sites and that’s about as far as my knowledge extends.

Personal Interests:

(I didn’t use Google for this one.
It’s just one of my favourite sites
so I thought I’d include it)

Art/Design Practice:

(In a word: AWESOME.)

Future Directions:

(I chose this one because,
I might need to get a job.
And that counts as a
future direction, right?!)


Respect Carrots.
*For those out of the know, Google: www.google.com
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