Task 2 p2

Week 3 Task Part 2 

For this part of the Task I picked…


Noel Fielding is a comedian/painter/radiocohost/actor/partyanimal
best known for his work on the tripcom The Mighty Boosh with co-writer and BFFL Julian Barrett.
His art style influences the things that I like to draw.
SO YESS here’s some info on Him :::
I didn’t wanna be a pirate hence the above link. ^^^

He’s born on the 21st of May 1973. He went to Croydon Art College and has been doing comedy since the 90’s. His first art exhibition was in 2008 and was titled Psychedelic Dreams of the Jelly Fox. In late 2010 he had another art exhibition titled Bryan Ferry Vs The Jelly Fox. Both exhibitions were held at the patisserie Maison Bertaux.

Alongside Julian Barrett, Noel Fielding wrote many sketches, songs and crimps for The Mighty Boosh.
I love The Mighty Boosh.
Everyone involved in The Mighty Boosh inspires me 🙂
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