week4task cont.

Creative Commons and what I understand it to be :::

Basically the jist of what they’re saying on their site is that now that there’s the internet there’s also a lot of problems involving copyright laws and copyandpasting so they’ve created a way to show people how much they’re allowed to use of informaion in digital media.
It lets people keep their rights in regards to who came up with the original idea or whatever but it also allows people to access and use information or ideas or whatever  for their own stuff e.g. for educational purposes.
In the lecture Natasha mentioned how apparently BBC programs (or ABC programs, I can’t remember) uses the CC symbol on their programs to show us that we can use their info (but then someone else said it was actually short for “Closed Captions” so who knows? it could be wrong..)
Is it evil that I can’t be bothered providing a link?
Just Google “Creative Commons” it works 🙂
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