This is the ad on the adverblog that I like.

It’s colourful and different and really really cool.
I’m not really sure how it could relate to my “work” or “creative practise” but it just, sort of, jumped out at me and I guess, if I were to ever make an ad, it would have to be like this one because this is AWESOME! The tech that they use is pretty swanky and I like how they show the old phone to prove how much their mobile phones have advanced, it gives a sense of history to it.
It’s also very trippy. Very innovative stuff.
The underlying concept :::

concept=a general notion or idea
The underlying concept is to show how the mobile phone has progressed and how different the new features are.. it’s an ad for a new phone and they’re trying to put it across in the most flattering way possible.
What elements could be improved :::
I’m not 100% sure… The camera was wonky on purpose so thats a no and you’re supposed to see all that stuff at the beginning so that you realise that it’s not all lame special fx but actually some awesome new technology so that couldn’t really be changed either otherwise people wouldn’t get it…
Maybe the music/sfx could be a little less annoying.. ?
They’re okay but irritating and don’t 100% match the vid.
What audience is this project aimed at and why?
Audience:: the general public does seem to have a higher interest in 3D visual effects.. people intending to purchase a cellular phone?
TRENDY PEOPLE. Who wanna be cool like the ad.
What audiences I’d be hoping to pitch my “work” to in relation to my creative endeavours/business-ideas/directions…
Probably people less conforming than the above mentioned.. I wouldn’t just want to sell the phone.. I’d want to make people interested in the technologies in the ad as well and interested in my “work” whatever that may be. If I only wanted to make lots of money and become filthy rich I’d probably just make a cool ad to trick people into buying lots of expensive crap, but I think my audience would also include people who wanted to join me in taking over the world.
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