I believe in a world without factory farming. #makeitpossible

I believe in a world without factory farming. #makeitpossible.

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Confusion on the interwebs.

Basically my computer cannot decide where to log me in.

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Stick figures

SO lately I’ve been very into drawing stick figures.
Getting them to show a legitimate amount of expression can be pretty difficult so when one of my beloved cousins showed me this series I was immediately besotted.


ALSO ::: I may have mentioned it before but I love XKCD.COM


It has also been a major influence on the stickfigure faze that I’m currently going through..
and also my friend Lenny.
She draws stick-figures really well and I think the people around me have always been a big influence on what I doodle ­čÖé
If I can find a stick-figure┬ádrawing that Lenny has┬ádone and I get my hands on a scanner sometime soon then I’ll upload it here so that there is a sample.
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Brainstorming for week7

So basically when I brainstorm it doesn’t always work out so I find it easier to do it by hand..
As with the Mindmap it shall be uploaded once complete
(And once I have full power over a scanning device)

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This is the ad on the adverblog that I like.

It’s colourful and different and really really cool.
I’m not really sure how it could relate to my “work” or “creative practise”┬ábut it just,┬ásort of, jumped out at me and I guess, if I were to ever make an ad, it would have to be like this one because this is AWESOME! The tech that they use is pretty swanky and I like how they show the old phone to prove how much their mobile phones have advanced, it gives a sense of history to it.
It’s also very trippy. Very innovative stuff.
The underlying concept :::

concept=a general notion or idea
The underlying concept is to show how the mobile phone has progressed and how different the new features are.. it’s an ad for a new phone and they’re trying to put it across in the most flattering way possible.
What elements could be improved :::
I’m not 100% sure…┬áThe camera was wonky on purpose so thats a no and you’re supposed to see all that stuff at the beginning┬áso that you realise that it’s not all lame special fx but actually some awesome new technology so that couldn’t really be changed either otherwise people wouldn’t get it…
Maybe the music/sfx could be a little less annoying.. ?
They’re okay but irritating and don’t 100% match the vid.
What audience is this project aimed at and why?
Audience:: the general public does seem to have a higher interest in 3D visual effects.. people intending to purchase a cellular phone?
TRENDY PEOPLE. Who wanna be cool like the ad.
What audiences I’d be hoping to pitch┬ámy “work” to in relation to my creative endeavours/business-ideas/directions…
Probably people less conforming than the above mentioned.. I wouldn’t just want to sell the phone.. I’d want to make people interested in the technologies in the ad as well and interested in my “work” whatever that may be. If I only wanted to make lots of money and become filthy rich I’d probably just make a cool ad to trick people into buying lots of expensive crap, but I think my audience would also include people who wanted to join me in taking over the world.
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that is what I am doing right now ­čśÇ be proud
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week4task cont.

Creative Commons and what I understand it to be :::

Basically the jist of what they’re saying on their site is that now that there’s the internet there’s also a lot of problems involving copyright laws and copyandpasting so they’ve created a way to show people how much they’re allowed to use of informaion in digital media.
It lets people keep their rights in regards to who came up with the original idea or whatever but it also allows people to access and use information or ideas or whatever  for their own stuff e.g. for educational purposes.
In the lecture Natasha mentioned how apparently BBC programs (or ABC programs, I can’t remember) uses the CC symbol on their programs to show us that we can use their info (but then someone else said it was actually short for “Closed Captions” so who knows? it could be wrong..)
Is it evil that I can’t be bothered providing a link?
Just Google “Creative Commons” it works ­čÖé
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